Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass
Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass

  • Create a cosy ambiance on your driving range and people will even more enjoy practicing!
  • Superb quality sand-filled artificial grass for long lasting life
  • Filled with round-shaped, dried silica sand
  • Can also be filled with rubber in order to increase the shock absorbency of the (target) green
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Golf mats can be laid down on top of the turf or can be cut-in in the frames
  • Available in 4 colours: Olive (simulating fairways), Verde (simulating greens), Blue (simulating water-hazards) and White (simulating bunkers)
  • Roll width 4,10 mtr., roll length as per project
  • Please ask for a custom quote for the installation
Developed by U-Lab