Kooler Aid Water Station
Kooler Aid Water Station

Kooler Aid Water Station


Our redesigned Kooler-AidTM Water Station makes a popular product even better. We redesigned the top and tray to make it easy to fill the cup at the spigot. The new design also eliminates rust because water can’t drip on the metal. For the ultimate in convenience, add a Standard Golf Litter Caddie to the tripod stand to give people a handy receptacle in which to dispose of used cups.
  • Includes stand, tamper-safe top, 38 litre cooler and cup dispenser
  • Available in 3 colours
  • KOOLER-AID (top only)
  • Weight: 17 kg
  • Please note: the new tops and trays are not interchangeable with the old parts

Sold separately

Kooler Aid Stand
Kooler Aid Paper Cups
Kooler Aid Cup Dispenser
38 Litre Water Cooler
Kooler Aid Steel Ground Anchor

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