Water Pro Complete
Water Pro Complete
Water Pro Complete
Water Pro Complete

Water Pro Complete

  • Double door and a built-in locking system make the cooler easily accessible
  • Features large capacity and ample cup storage, plus an onboard trash receptacle for use with large plastic trash bags
  • Recycled plastic wood over primed and powder coated steel frame construction offers permanence and no warping
  • Front access to cooler gives you the flexibility to locate the water cooler where it’s most needed
  • Includes station, trash bag frame, Hunter Green Igloo® water cooler and Igloo® cup dispenser
  • Weight: 87 kg
  • Available in the colours: Hunter Green, Black, Redwood & Caramel

Sold separately

Water Pro Station Only
Igloo Water Cooler
Igloo Cup Dispenser
Cone Shaped Paper cups - 5.000
Trash recycling kit

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